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"Eyes Closed"// TaiMarie


TAI MARIE - A multi-talented artist in so many aspects of the word “multi” she takes a page out of Quincy Jones book by developing her talent in all forms of artistry.  The name Tai Marie fully encompasses a singer, songwriter, guitarist, dancer and graphic designer.  

Music and art were often in her household as a young child.  No doubt, growing up with a two time Grammy Award winning producer father, “Jon-John Robinson” has influenced and fostered her creativity. Born in the Los Angeles area and transplanted to Dallas, she is a throwback R&B soulful-singer.  Her edgy and sultry sound is often reminiscence of T-Boz from the 90’s band TLC, Aaliyah for her smooth high tones and Brandy for harmonies.  Her passion for music has been inspired from 80’s groups like Tears for Fears, Sting, Sade and Lauryn Hill.

Tai Marie releases her first single “Eyes Closed” through independent entertainment company, Arkadia Music Group and is available for purchase on popular digital platforms. Aside from creating music, she designs artwork for t-shirts, album covers and denim jackets for indie artists.  Her most recent design projects are featured through her clothing line called "818ish" available for purchase on Shopify.

It goes without saying, she is ready to leave her mark and create her legacy among the long line of female entertainers and singers.

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